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Bed Rails / Asphyxiation

Minnesota Nursing Home Cited for Resident Entrapped in Bed-rail

By | Bed Rails / Asphyxiation, Elders’ Home in New York Mills, Neglect, Wrongful Death

The Minnesota Department of Health has substantiated the occurrence of neglect at the Elders Home nursing home in New York Mills, Minnesota.  The state investigation found that the “facility staff failed to complete a thorough assessment for the resident’s continued ability to safety use bilateral side rails following falls from bed, the addition of an air…

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Twelve Years After Edina Nursing Home Resident Dies From Bed-Rail Suffocation, Bed Handles Recalled

By | Bed Rails / Asphyxiation, News

As reported on previously, the use of bed-rails in nursing homes poses a serious risk for elderly patients. Many elders have become trapped in bed-rails, where they have sustained serious injuries, some of which proved fatal. A 76-year-old Edina woman suffocated in 2002 after becoming trapped in her bed-rails while…

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Pennsylvania Nursing Home Resident Dies Entrapped in Bedrails, Highlights Danger of Industry Wide Use

By | Bed Rails / Asphyxiation, Facilities, Greene County Nursing Home, Neglect, News

An article published last February highlights the dangers of using bed rails in nursing home facilities. A 94-year old woman was found dead by caretakers. Her head was stuck between the mattress and the rails. The tragedy occurred at a Greene County nursing home in Pennsylvania. The risk of bed…

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Anoka Rehab and Living Center Neglects Resident

By | Anoka Rehab and Living Center, Bed Rails / Asphyxiation, Facilities, Mechanical Misuse, Neglect

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has completed its investigation of neglect concerns at the Anoka Rehab and Living Center Nursing Home in Anoka, Minnesota.  A complaint was filed with the Department of Health alleging that neglect occurred when a resident was found with the resident’s head wedged in the…

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The Dangers of Resident Bed Rails in Nursing Homes—Bed Rail Safety Guidelines (Part 8 of 9)

By | Bed Rails / Asphyxiation

The “Clinical Guidance for the Assessment and Implementation of Bed Rails” has determined: [If] bed rails are required and that other environmental or treatment considerations…were unsuccessful in meeting the patient’s assessed needs, then close attention must be given to the design of the rails and the relationship between rails and…

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The Dangers of Resident Bed Rails in Nursing Homes—Policy Considerations (Part 6 of 9)

By | Bed Rails / Asphyxiation

The Hospital Bed Safety Work Group included 7 recommended administrative and management policies that safety conscious healthcare facilities should always consider. As mentioned in previous posts in this series, the decision to use or discontinue the use of bed rails “should occur within the framework of an individual patient assessment.”…

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