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Anoka Rehab & Living Center

By September 17, 2018

The Anoka Rehab & Living Center has 3 substantiated claims of abuse or neglect since 2013.

In a report concluded in March 2018, a facility staff member stole narcotic medication intended for a resident for his or her personal use. Without access to proper pain medications, nursing home and other care facility residents’ pain can be unbearable.

In March of 2014, a claim of neglect was substantiated. A resident of the facility was found with his or her head trapped between the mattress and a grab bar. This is a serious concern as bed rail asphyxiation where the head becomes trapped between the mattress and the rail cutting of air flow could have occurred in this situation.  

In June 2013, a resident was not given his or her blood-thinning medication for 17 days. This lead to blood clots forming in the resident’s legs and required three corrective surgeries to restore proper circulation.

Proper care for your loved one is something you should expect. If you have concerns about the care your loved one is receiving in a nursing home, assisted living or other type of care facility, call the MN nursing home abuse lawyers today.

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