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Nursing home abuse and neglect are too common in the United States. Many seniors living in care facilities are unable to communicate any abuse, and since many do not have friends or relatives to visit them regularly, countless incidents of abuse go unreported The National Center of Elder Abuse estimates that as many as one to two million seniors over 65 years old have been abused by those who they depend on for their care. With the senior citizen population in the U.S. rapidly growing, the incidence of elder abuse and neglect are expected to increase as well.

Kosieradzki Smith is a nursing home abuse and neglect law firm that helps families harmed by long-term care facilities. Through a strategic discovery process, the firm uncovers critical information about what happened to victims to expose wrongdoers. Using information, Kosieradzki Smith empowers families to honor their loved one by holding the care facility accountable for their harm.

We skillfully uncover information about what happened to victims of nursing home abuse and neglect to expose wrongdoing and empower families to honor their loved one by holding the facility accountable.


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National Exposure of Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Problem in the U.S.

When CNN set out to learn more about this troubling issue and was looking for an authority in this area of law, they came to Kosieradzki • Smith President and Attorney Mark Kosieradzki.

Star Tribune Questions the Minnesota Department of Health’s Nursing Home Investigations

The Star Tribune article, entitled “Minnesota health regulators can’t keep up with abuse reports,” features a case the Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm is handling on behalf of the family of Alvera Solyst.

Kosieradzki • Smith’s Recent Trial Victories

When nursing homes refuse to accept responsibility for their wrongdoing, the Kosieradzki • Smith Law Firm lets juries hold nursing homes accountable for the harm they cause. Click below to learn more about two recent trials in which the juries rejected the nursing homes’ excuses and denials.
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