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Walker Methodist Health Center

Aide gets 8 years for rape of 83-year-old patient at Minneapolis nursing home

By | Sexual Abuse, Walker Methodist Health Center

Yesterday afternoon in Hennepin County District Court, our client, Maya Fischer, shared the grief and suffering caused by George Sumo Kpingbah. A week before Christmas last year, Kpingbah raped Maya’s mother, who was a resident at the Walker Methodist Health Center, a nursing home in Minneapolis.  Kpingbah was employed by…

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Nursing assistant pleads guilty to raping dementia patient at Minneapolis nursing home

By | Firm News, Firm News, Sexual Abuse, Walker Methodist Health Center

George Sumo Kpingbah, of Brooklyn Center, was a nursing assistant at Walker Methodist Health Center in Minneapolis.  Kpingbah pleaded guilty today to raping an 83-year-old woman suffering from severe dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, as the Star Tribune reports, “the latest in a recent surge of abuse cases involving elderly residents at nursing homes across…

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Details about the Walker Methodist Health Center Nursing Home in Minnesota

By | Financial Exploitation, Physical Abuse, Walker Methodist Health Center

The Minnesota Department of Health has substantiated 2 reports of nursing home abuse and exploitation on the part of the facility. In June 2010, MDH substantiated a report of abuse wherein an employee of the facility was found to have inflicted noticeable wounds on a resident. While the alleged perpetrator was…

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