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Boundary Waters Care Center

Details about the Boundary Waters Care Center Nursing Home in Minnesota

By | Boundary Waters Care Center

This 58-bed nursing home received “much below average” ratingsfor both its Overall and Health Inspection ratings, according to Medicare’s 2012 annual report. Additionally, the facility received a Staffing rating of “below average.” Compared to the average number of health deficiencies for Minnesota nursing homes (6.6), Boundary Waters Care Center was…

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Residents Abused and Neglected at Northern Minnesota Nursing Home

By | Boundary Waters Care Center, Neglect, Physical Abuse

The Minnesota Department of Health has completed its investigation of neglect and abuse concerns at the Boundary Waters Care Center in Ely, Minnesota.  A complaint was filed with the Department alleging that: 1)  several residents had bruising on their thighs due to staff treating residents roughly when providing care; 2) a resident…

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