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Kosieradzki Smith files wrongful death suit against Ramsey County Care Center

The Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm is honored to represent the family of Theresa “Toots” Rotter in their mission to hold the Ramsey County Care Center accountable for the wrongful death of their loved one.  Ms. Rotter died while in the care of the county-owned Maplewood nursing home.

The law suit includes legal claims that the county nursing home violated Ms. Rotter’s civil rights. Kosieradzki Smith filed the suit Monday in federal court in Minnesota against the Ramsey County Care Center, two top administrators, and the unidentified employee who served Ms. Rotter her last meal.

Ms. Rotter’s medical condition required that she eat no solid foods. Ramsey County Care Center’s staff served a solid-food meal in violation of a physician’s order directing the nursing home to serve pureed food. She partially inhaled it and later died of sepsis, or infection, in her lungs.

As the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports, “[t]he suit alleges that a computer system that generated and printed instructions to the nursing home’s staff was not working on holidays and that the technician who audited those instructions did not work weekends. It further alleges that two of the home’s top administrators, administrator Steven Fritzke and nursing director Joleen Magee, were aware of those issues and did nothing to correct them.”

Further, the Pioneer Press reports: “On Easter Sunday, Rotter was served solid baked ham, au gratin potato and a roll and began aspirating before coughing up a chunk of potato. She died of respiratory failure the following evening after being diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia, with bacteria caused by the aspiration.

For more, see today’s report by McKnight’s Long-Term Care News, entitled “Administrators sued, computer malfunction cited in nursing home resident death.”

An investigation by the Minnesota Department of Health found that the nursing home neglected Ms. Rotter.  See our previous blog post regarding the Department of Health’s investigation, Ramsey County Care Center Neglects Nursing Home Resident. For additional information about this nursing home, check out four more of our blog posts:

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