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Sexual AbuseWelcome Home Health Care

ALF Employee Sexually Assaults Vulnerable Residents, Administrator Fails to Take Action

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has completed its investigation of abuse concerns at the Welcome Home Health Care, Inc., an assisted living facility in Sartell, Minnesota. A complaint was filed with the MDH alleging that a resident was abused when a staff member was touching the client inappropriately. In addition, the staff member touched two other residents inappropriately. This had been reported to the facility on two occasions and no action was been taken.

The MDH investigated the matter and found that based on a preponderance of evidence abuse occurred when the employee touched all three residents inappropriately.

At the beginning of February, an employee witnessed the staff member use the tips of multiple fingers to “probe/push” on one resident’s breasts. The employee reported the staff member said, “I just love to touch [her] boobs.” On the day shift in February an employee witnessed the abuser feel the resident’s breasts and state the abuser liked how hard they were. Another day the abuser and another witness were caring for the resident and the abuser was verbally inappropriate with sexual related comments in front of the resident.

Another day near the end of February, an employee was in another resident’s room assisting the abuser provide personal care for the resident. The employee witnessed the abuser take the resident’s nipples between his/her forefingers and his/her thumbs stating, “I love to play with her perky nipples.” The employee told the abuser to stop and the abuser did not stop. The employee stated the resident was swinging her arms at the abuser.

One night in mid-March (date unknown) an employee heard an another resident screaming, “stop” as the employee entered the unit. The employee witnessed the abuser grasping the resident’s penis and pulling on his penis/foreskin. The abuser had no gloves on and no washcloth, but stated s/he was cleaning the resident’s penis.

The employees stated they reported the incidents to administrative nursing staff, verbally and with notes left in the office. The employees stated they did not hear any response from administrative nursing staff related to the reported incidents. Administrative nursing staff stated the perpetrator continued to work with clients and was suspended when law enforcement came to the agency on 3/27/2015 to investigate multiple abuse allegations, 35 days after the documented abuse allegation related to the first resident.

The MDH determined that the facility and the care giver are responsible for abuse of the facility’s resident. [Case no. #HL28073005]

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