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Auburn Manor nursing home resident sustained fracture injury due to neglect

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has completed its investigation of neglect concerns at the Auburn Manor nursing home in Chaska, Minnesota. A complaint was filed with the Department alleging that a resident of Auburn Manor was neglected when the nursing home’s staff did not follow the care plan and the resident fell resulting in a broken arm.

The Department investigated the matter and found that the nursing home staff did not use a transfer belt and stationary walker to support the resident’s safe ambulation, in violation of the care plan. Consequently, the resident fell to the floor, striking the resident’s head during the fall. X-ray revealed that the resident had sustained an impacted fracture of the upper arm/shoulder. The staff member had no explanation for not following the resident’s care plan, stating only that “I just didn’t do it that day.”

The MDH determined that Auburn Manor and its staff member was responsible for neglecting the resident. The MDH determined the although Auburn Manor had adequate policies and procedures in place regarding use of gait belts and care plans, Auburn Manor’s system to ensure the competency of staff was sufficient. The staff member had worked at Auburn Manor for two years without any leadership evaluation of job performance. In addition, leadership staff had identified care-related concerns regarding the employee’s work habits, related to supervision of resident safety, during the two-year employment, but did not initial any performance improvement measures to monitor the quality of care provided to residents by the employee.  [Case no. H5604019]

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