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Medication Errors

Nurses getting wrist slaps for incompetence, drug use

The state of New York has proved slow, inadequate and both when it comes to disciplining nurses that put long-term care patients in harm’s way, and in doing so, emphasizes a nonchalance towards nursing home safety that has advocates up in arms.

The New York Post reports that the state of New York failed for a long time to act against nurses found to be high on drugs while caring for patients, before giving said nurses slaps on the wrist.

Kathy Dzus was high on cocaine while caring for patients at Good Samaritan Hospital on Long Island, New York, but received just a light fine.

The same went for Daniel McCarthy, who was high on painkillers while caring for patients, according to the Post. Both offenders worked at the same hospital.

Fifty New York City area nurses were disciplined by the state this year, the Post reports, proving criminal care can occur anywhere, at any time.

And even in those cases, New York is often slow to act.

Ted Hirsch, a registered nurse, pleaded guilty to attempted possession of child pornography in 2011. The New York State Board of Regents didn’t discipline him until three years later, the Post learned.

These are just a few examples of a long line of nurse misconduct that the state often turns a blind eye towards.

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