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Woman claims nursing home supervisor said he’d “cut off her head”

A woman at an Oklahoma nursing home claims she was threatened  by a man who said he was acting on behalf of ISIS and that he would behead her, according to KOCO News in Oklahoma City.

The woman initially thought the threat was a joke, as the man, Jacob Muriithi, told police it was, according to KOCO. But “the suspect did make references to ISIS and an affiliation with them,” Oklahoma City Police Department Captain Dexter Nelson told KOCO.

When the woman heard about the beheading of a woman last week in Moore, Oklahoma, just outside Oklahoma City, she reported Muriithi, worked as a supervisor at the nursing home, Bellevue Nursing Home.

An affidavit says Muriithi said, “That is just what we do,” after being asked why ISIS kills Christians, according to KOCO.

Muriithi was arrested following the charge, which was upgraded to a terroristic threat by a district attorney, KOCO reported.

KOCO reports that Muriithi admitted he was Muslim and associated with ISIS, and that the remark came in reference to a piece of the woman’s jewelry that featured the Jewish Star of David.

The woman has not been named publicly, in an attempt to protect her safety in light of the events, which reportedly occurred on Sept. 13. The report was filed on Sept. 16.

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