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Powerful owner of harmful nursing home wants to avoid accountability

A nursing home in Kentucky serves as a site of continued horrors, with long-term patients falling victim to abuse and neglect.

Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center, in Hazard, Kentucky, was the site of two separate sexual assaults in 2009. In both cases the victim was a 91-year-old Alzheimer’s patient and one assault took place within sight of a caregiver, KYCIR reported.

Those incidents occurred in 2009. Two years later the center allowed dementia patient Glenda Lykins to fall 11 times, with the patient finally breaking her hip. Another patient had died from complications arising from bedsores and an ulcer, according to KYCIR.

The facility remains open despite heavy fines and a failure “to protect residents from unwanted sexual contact,” according to a state report. In regards to the sexual assaults, the state also said the facility “had knowledge that two male residents with cognitive impairment had a history of exhibiting sexual behaviors.

In 2012, the facility was cited again for “providing substandard quality of care” to another patient, according to KYCIR.

Five other cases against the nursing home are pending at the moment, KYCIR reported. Overall, the facility has been fined tens of thousands of dollars for its failures, but remains open and an example of how facilities meant to serve as later-year oases can turn into long-term nightmares.

Click here to review the KYCIR report.

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