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Nursing home breaks resident’s leg

This summer in Connecticut was filled with fines for state nursing homes, as seven were cited by the Department of Public Health for instances involving medical errors.

Some of the instances involved a patient being burned or breaking a leg, according to the New Haven Register.  Cited nursing homes included operations in Kent, Sharon, North Branford, Westport, Greenwich, Danielson and New Britain.

The incidents in question all took place last year, like when two aides stood a resident up instead of using a lift in September 2013. X-Rays taken two days later showed the resident’s leg had broken.

In another incident a patient was burned by a hot pack while being transported to a doctor’s appointment. The director of rehabilitation told state officials the rehab department showed poor judgment, according to the New Haven Register.

Other incidents involve aides failing to administer proper medication, including, in one case, to a patient with diabetes. One patient lost eight pounds in just more than two weeks, and medical personnel were not notified of the weight loss.

Other homes were fined for allowing patients to develop pressure sores. In another case, an employee over-administered exponential amounts of insulin to a patient. Another home was fined for not complying to smoking policies.

All the fines are according to the New Haven Register. Click here to read more about the instances in detail.

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