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Kosieradzki Smith client tells Fox 9 News about his near death experience at St. Therese nursing home


92 year-old World War II veteran and Kosieradzki Smith client, Bill Lacina, was nearly drugged to death at St. Therese nursing home when he was given narcotics, something which he was never prescribed. He was given so much of the narcotics that he nearly overdosed and died.

Fox 9 news met with Bill Lacina and attorney Mark Kosieradzki to tell his story.

Bill Lacina was admitted to the facility in April, 2014 and on April 22, 2014 he was admitted to North Memorial Medical Center’s emergency department where he was treated for a narcotic overdose.

“I got a whole tribe of people watching out for me, but what about those poor old people that lay there and would like a few more days of life and don’t get them?” Lacina said.

The family of Bill Lacina has now filed a lawsuit against St. Therese nursing home

“By holding wrongdoers accountable we bring some change to our world, and our nursing homes will become safer because the people are held accountable for what they do,” Mark Kosieradzki tells Fox 9.

To read more about Bill Lacina on Fox 9 News click here.Kosieradzki tells Fox 9 News.

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