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Illinois Attorney General proposes allowing cameras in nursing homes

Illinois’ Attorney General has announced that she will push for legislation that permits video- and audio-recording devices in nursing home rooms to monitor patient treatment. AG Lisa Madigan calls it the “next line of defense” for vulnerable residents of nursing homes.  Madigan told news media that her office has received multiple complaints in recent months from nursing home residents and families concerned about safety and security.

Recordings or tapes would be admissible as evidence in court and tampering or obstructing a recording would result in criminal charges, Madigan said, according to a report in the McDonough County Voice.

According to the County Voice report, “Madigan’s push follows several unsuccessful efforts to enact similar legislation in Illinois, with the nursing home industry lobbying forcefully against the bills.”

News sources report that Illinois would become the sixth state to allow electronic monitoring in nursing home patient rooms if the proposal becomes law. Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Maryland and Washington state all have similar laws on the books.

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