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Credit card fraud involving nursing home patients

An Alabama woman is wanted for preying on nursing home patients while on a spree of credit card fraud, according to the Trussville Times. Waheedah Diana Johnson was featured on the Jefferson County (Alabama) Sheriff Office’s Facebook page as the “Creep of the Week” for a seven-day stretch in early September after she was accused of seven counts of credit card fraud.

All seven cases involved nursing home patients at the Golden LivingCenter in Trussville, which is just outside Birmingham, Alabama, according to the Trussville Times.

The question is: was the nursing home looking out for the protection of its residents’ right and safety?  According to Medicare’s website, the Golden LivingCenter nursing home in Trussville is deemed a Special Focus Facility, which means that the nursing home “has a history of persistent poor quality of care, as indicated by the findings of state or federal inspection teams.” Further, as Medicare explains, “This means that the facility is subjected to more frequent inspections, Escalating penalties, and potential termination from Medicare and Medicaid.”

Johnson will be held on $105,000 bond if and when she is brought into custody, according to the Trussville Times.

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