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Assisted living facility leaves patient, 90, in the sun

A 90-year-old is in critical condition after being left outside in over 100 degree heat for three hours by his caretakers, according to NBC News. Staff at The Aristocrat, an assisted living facility in Naples, Florida, wheeled the resident outside in the afternoon, where he suffered from overexposure after being neglected.

“Within an hour or so a person can go from heat cramps to heat stroke,” Chief Walter Kopka of Collier Emergency Medical Services told NBC News.

The 90-year-old went into cardiac arrest after nearly a half hour of cooling attempts failed to counter his dehydration, sunburn and severe heat stroke. Three nurses attempted to cool him down, to no avail, as he was non-responsive.

“The body actually shuts down and stores all its heat inside because its lost his ability to sweat,” Kopka said. “It’s very difficult sometimes to regain that breathing and the heat beat because the body has been heated for such a long period of time.”

The Aristocrat is under investigation, according to NBC News. Click here to watch the news report.

Click here to view FOX News report on this story.

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