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Medicare Probe Reveals Continuing Widespread Problem of Patient Injuries

A recent Medicare study reveals an epidemic of patient injuries sustained in American hospitals. The most common injury to acquire while under the care of a hospital is an infection. Medicare will begin a program of sanctioning the worst performing quarter of American hospitals starting this year. Despite the success some hospitals have had in their efforts towards harm reduction, infections are still all too common. According to an estimate by the Center for Disease Control, 75,000 patients died of hospital-acquired infections in 2011.

Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs) are usually infections that develop as the result of improper care. A common HAC is an infection developed from a catheter, whether said catheter is used to administer medication directly to the blood stream or to remove urine from the bladder. Another common HAC that threatens patients are the avoidable injuries such as bedsores, hip fractures, blood clots, or accidental lung punctures.

For the full story on Medicare’s investigation and response click here.

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