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$14.5 Million Verdict in Wrongful Death and Negligence Case

According to the Daily News in Massachusetts, the estate of an elderly woman who died after a fall and weeks of neglect at a Danvers nursing home has won a $14.5 million verdict in a wrongful death and negligence case.

Genevieve Calandro was 90 years old and suffered from dementia when she was admitted to the nursing home in December 2007. She was neglected over a period of months, leading up to the first week of July 2008. She had multiple brewing infections, uncontrolled glucose levels, and a worsening, infected bed sore.

After she fell out of her wheelchair in the dining room, she was taken to Beverly Hospital and found to have a number of complications due to her condition. She died of congestive heart failure on August 16, 2008. Congestive heart failure often develops after other conditions, such as severe infections (pressure sores), have damaged or weakened the heart.

The complaint said financial decisions and corporate greed contributed to the neglect of residents, including Genevieve Calandro, who could not care for herself. It charged that Radius failed to properly train and hire competent staff, and that the corporation overseeing Radius did not comply with state and federal regulations to protect patients.

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