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Resident Assaulted by Caregiver at Robbinsdale Assisted Living Facility

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has completed its investigation of abuse and neglect concerns at the Copperfield Hill Phase II assisted living facility in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. A complaint was filed with the Department alleging that a resident of the facility was slapped in the face by a male staff member. When this was reported to administrative staff, the incident was not thoroughly investigated. The Department investigated the matter and found that there was not enough evidence to substantiate the report of abuse. However, neglect did occur when the facility did not monitor or initiate care for a client’s pressure sore for four days after the resident’s family reported the sore to the facility. The MDH determined that the facility is responsible for the neglect of the facility’s resident.  (Case no.HL20297041)

This is not the first investigation of the Robbinsdale assisted living facility by the MDH. In September 2013, the MDH found that the facility failed to adequately assess a resident for his suicide risk, and the resident was able to obtain narcotics and alcohol sufficient to commit suicide. (Case no. HL20297049) In a separate report, the MDH found that in November 2011 a staff member pushed a resident attempting to leave the memory unit, resulting in the resident falling and fracturing her wrist. (Case no. HL20297036) Again, in February 2011, the MDH substantiated a report of neglect where a resident did not receive adequate care for her digestive issues. (Case no. HL20297033)

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