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Elderly Care Medication Errors Lead to Hospitalizations, Death

Illinois health inspectors documented 384 nursing home medication errors since 2011, according to an NBC-Chicago investigative report.

A tragic case of mismanaged medication illustrates the seriousness of medication errors.

An Illinois man entered The Renaissance Park South nursing home after suffering from a stroke and heart attack. Two years later the man was diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer. His oncologist prescribed him cancer medication, and responded very well to it.

But months after the diagnosis, his condition changed. The man’s family discovered nursing home caretakers failed to give him his medication for nearly a year. By the time the error was uncovered, the nursing home resident’s cancer spread. He passed away in 2010.

The man’s family filed a lawsuit against the nursing home. A settlement was later reached.

Following this tragedy, Renaissance Park South has since partnered with a national pharmaceutical provider to ensure that the facility’s residents receive their medication as prescribed by their physician.

But it is also important for nursing home residents and their loved-ones to be vigilant for any sign of medication errors.

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