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Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services May Tighten Oversight of Nursing Home Prescriptions

Elderly care industry experts have long identified the risks that medication errors and overmedication pose for nursing home residents, according to McKnights. Now, in response to the growing awareness of these risks, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) may increase its oversight of Medicare Part D.

Historically, CMS has taken a limited role in overseeing Part D. Instead, private health plans have been tasked with administering the coverage to Medicare recipients. But as a result, some physicians have been irresponsibly prescribing potentially harmful medications to elders for years.

But under the newly proposed CMS rule, medication prescribers such as physicians would have to be enrolled in Medicare for their prescriptions to be covered under Part D. CMS would thus be able to better ensure that only qualified individuals are prescribing Part D drugs. CMS would also be better able to identify prescribers who engage in abusive practices.

The Koseriadzki-Smith Law Firm has previously reported on the widespread dangers of overmedication. In short, elderly residents are often prescribed psychotropic narcotics without a documented medical reason. To read more, see the blogs related to medication errors.

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