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Additional Details About Extendicare’s Park Health and Rehab Center Nursing Home

By May 23, 2014 No Comments

I was just looking into some information about the Park Health and Rehab Center nursing home, which is located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.  I came across four recent investigations of the facility by the Minnesota Department of Health.  Here’s what they are about:

  • One case investigated the following allegation: “It is alleged that a resident’s rights were violated when police were called to the facility to assist with a physically aggressive resident and the resident was later tased by the police. The resident was injured when he fell after being tased and later died at the hospital. [H5083053
  • Another case investigated this issue: “The allegation is abuse based on the following: resident number one was treated roughly when staff administered eye drops. The resident was noted to have a blackened left eye.” [H5083047]
  • Another case investigated this allegation: “The allegation is abuse based on the following: one resident number one was being put to bed by a nursing assistant, he alleged perpetrator, he took both of his hands and put them on the residents ace and turned her head back and forth saying ‘how do you like that?’ The incident was witnessed by another staff person.” [H5083046]
  • The fourth case concern this problem: “It is alleged the resident was neglected. On October 25, 2009, staff did not respond to his call light from 10:20 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and [the] resident laid in B.M. [feces] for several hours. He later developed a sore on his buttocks. [The] resident was transported to a hospital on October 29, 2009, for wound care.” [H5083039]

In addition to the investigations by the Minnesota Department of Health, Park Health and Rehab Center encountered several problems in their three most recent annual inspections.  Medicare’s website reveals that the government cited Park Health and Rehab Center for several deficiencies, including the following:

  • Its failure to make sure that each resident’s drug regimen is free from unnecessary drugs; 2) Each resident’s entire drug/medication is managed and monitored to achieve highest well being (the nursing home was cited for this failure two years in a row).
  • Its failure to maintain drug records and properly mark/label drugs and other similar products according to accepted professional standards.
  • Its failure to have a program that investigates, controls and keeps infection from spreading.
  • Its failure to make sure services provided by the nursing facility meet professional standards of quality.
  • Its failure at least once a month, to have a licensed pharmacist review each resident’s medication(s) and report any irregularities to the attending doctor.
  • Its failure to keep accurate, complete and organized clinical records on each resident that meet professional standards.

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