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Presbyterian Homes of Arden Hills Resident Injured During Neglectful Transfer

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has completed its investigation of neglect concerns at the Presbyterian Homes of Arden Hills in Arden Hills, Minnesota.  A complaint was filed with the Department of Health alleging that neglect occurred when a staff, the alleged perpetrator (AP), pivot-transferred a resident instead of using the mechanical lift for the transfer.

The Department investigated the matter and found that the AP did not follow the care plan regarding transferring the resident, and transferred the resident without using a mechanical lift. The resident was dependent on staff for all cares. The resident was non-weight bearing. The care plan showed the resident was to be transferred with the assist of two staff and a mechanical lift.  The resident’s leg was fractured as a result of the improper transfer. The MDH determined that the caregiver was responsible for neglect of the facility’s resident.  [Case no. H5424032]

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