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MDH Confirms Resident Neglect at Madonna Towers of Rochester

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has completed its investigation of neglect concerns at the Madonna Towers of Rochester in Rochester, Minnesota. A complaint was filed with the Department alleging that the nursing home failed to provide proper treatment after a resident reported signs of a urinary tract infection. The department investigated the matter and found that even after the resident’s spouse requested the resident be assessed for UTI infection at least two separate times, the facility failed to do so. The resident ultimately ended up in the hospital after the infection spread to his bloodstream. The MDH determined that the nursing home is responsible for the neglect of the facility’s resident. (Case no. H5153015)

This is not the first investigation of Madonna Towers of Rochester. In December 2013, MDH confirmed another report of resident neglect. When an employee of the facility failed to follow a resident’s care plan, the resident fell and sustained a hip fracture. (Case no. H5153016)

Medicare rates nursing homes, including this 62-bed nursing home facility. Medicare has assigned an overall rating to Madonna Towers of Rochester as a below average facility. In addition, Medicare has assigned a health inspection rating to the nursing home as a much below average facility. Deficiencies cited by Medicare include the facility’s failure to make sure services provided by the nursing home meet professional standards of quality, failure to provide care by qualified persons, and failure to give resident’s proper treatment to prevent new bed sores or heal existing ones, among other failures.

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