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Resident of Greenview North Assisted Living Facility Neglected by Care Staff

In its investigation report posted March 4th [HL20403003], the Minnesota Department of Health determined that an employee of the Greenview North assisted living facility in Hibbing, Minnesota neglected the facility’s resident.

The MDH found: “The [employee] did not follow the care plan and improperly transferred [the resident] from the couch causing [the resident] to fall to the floor.”  The employee “did not lock the brakes on the wheelchair and did not use a gait belt to assist with the transfer.”  The employee then failed to properly assist the resident after the resident fell.  Surveillance video showed the resident “crawling around on the floor; [the employee] could be seen … walking past [the resident] without acknowledgement;  watching television, reading a magazine and leaving the area multiple times.  During that time [the resident] could be seen crawling around on the floor making several attempts to pull self-up on various pieces of furniture and the handrail.  The [employee] made no attempt to assist [the resident] off the floor or address [the resident]’s needs.”

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