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Staff Steals Jewelry and Money from Residents of Edgewood Vista Hermantown Care Facility

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has completed its investigation of theft concerns at the Edgewood Vista Hermantown assisted living facility near Duluth, Minnesota.  A complaint was filed with the Department alleging that an employee of the Edgewood Vista Hermantown facility took rings valued at $1,000 and other amounts of money from five residents without permission. The Department investigated the matter and found that the theft allegations were substantiated. [Case no. HL02852027]

This is not the first investigation by the MDH of employee misconduct at the Edgewood Vista Hermantown assisted living facility.  In February 2013, the MDH found that a staff person at Edgewood Vista Hermantown sexually abused a female resident of the facility. [Case no. HL20852025] According to the investigation report, a “police report indicated a report was received that the client was raped by the [staff person] and that she had vaginal bleeding from the encounter.”   The Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm represents the victim of that sexual assault and is presently involved a lawsuit to hold those responsible for this assault.  The case is filed in St. Louis County District Court in Duluth, Minnesota (Court file no. 69DU-CV-13-1154).

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