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Dungarvin Park Neglect Causes Resident’s Leg Fracture

The Minnesota Department of Human Services substantiated finding that Dungarvin Park care facility neglected its resident. Dungarvin Park is located in Anoka. The Department’s investigation found that the resident required “total care and constant supervision” and that the resident was “completely dependent on others.”  [Report 20122010]

Dungarvin Park’s staff were to transfer the resident into a wheelchair with a mechanical lift.  Dungarvin Park’s staff person was moving the resident was moving the resident in a wheelchair from the living room to the hallway, when the caregiver heard a “crackling sound.”  The caregiver, however, did not stop to check on the resident. Instead, the Dungarvin Park staff used a Hoyer lift to transfer the resident from wheelchair to bed and the staff noticed that the resident’s leg looked “funny.” The resident’s hip area was beginning to turn blue and another staff person told the caregiver to call 9-1-1.

When paramedics arrived, the VA was transported to Unity Hospital, diagnosed with a left leg “femur fracture.” According to the hospital doctor, the resident’s injury was caused by a “twisting” motion that likely was caused by not using the foot rests or safety straps on each of the resident’s feet.

At the likely time that the resident sustained the injury, the resident’s feet were not placed on the foot rests and the safety straps provided to keep the resident’s feet secured on the foot rests were not used. The Department determined that was a failure to maintain the VA’s physical health and safety and that there was a preponderance of the evidence that neglect occurred.

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