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Falls & Trauma

Traumatic Fall Injuries in Nursing Homes – Part 1

Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury for older adults. Falls are also vastly underreported. It is important to clarify what constitutes a fall.

In hospitals, 7.5% of all patients will experience at least one fall. In patients 65 years or older, almost 25% of them will experience a fall. 30% of these falls will result in injury. Those with impaired cognition are at a greater risk for falling. Half of all hospital falls are related to going to bathroom.

Roughly 5% of people 65 or older live in nursing homes, but nursing home residents account for 20% of deaths from falls. A typical 100-bed nursing home will report between 100 to 200 falls per year. Between 50 to 75% of all nursing home residents fall each year, more than twice the rate for similarly aged adults living in the community. 35% of injurious falls happen among residents who cannot walk.

A case study of falls in one nursing home over the course of a year found:

  • Falls were the most frequently reported incident;
  • The majority of falls occurred while the resident was in bed, on the toilet, in a wheelchair, and other non-ambulatory instances

Falls are the result of many different factors for each individual. Different healthcare professionals focus on different factors. For example:

Physical therapists are concerned with factors like balance, strength, and endurance;

  • Occupational therapists are concerned with environmental risks, especially in the home;
  • Doctors and Pharmacists focus on possible drug interactions that could contribute to an increased risk of falls;
  • Nurses focus about incontinence and issues related to pain that could trigger falls.

This is the first in a 4-part blog series regarding falls in nursing homes.  For more information about the occurrence of traumatic fall injuries resulting from neglect in Minnesota nursing homes, check out these stories:

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