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Nursing Home Resident’s Wound Infested with Maggots


Eileen Laplante hopes that sharing her late mother’s experience in long-term care will help prevent other residents from suffering neglect.

In September 2011, Laplante got a call from a governmental health official asking her if she was aware that her mother had a maggot-infested wound. The official added that the nursing home did not even have proper documentation as to how long the wound had been there.

The government report described the wound as being on the right leg and “grey oozing drainage” was noted. The wound had a “rancid” odor and upon closer inspection, there were maggots under the bandage.

Bertha Lawrence, Laplante’s mother, was 100 years old at the time. Shortly after Laplante got the call, her mother passed away. Following the incident, the nursing home was cited by the government for neglect.

The nursing home is operated by a private residential care center that operates 202 facilities in Canada and 40 facilities in the United States.

Click here to access the full CBC News report.

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