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NeglectValleyview of Owatonna LLC

Valleyview of Owatonna LLC assisted living facility

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has completed its investigation of neglect concerns at the Valleyview of Owatonna LLC assisted living facility in Owatonna, MN. A complaint was filed with the department alleging that a client did not receive adequate care and assessment to a post-operation ankle wound, which resulted in an infection requiring debridement of the wound. The department investigated the matter and determined that neglect occurred when the facility failed to assess, monitor, and implement physician’s orders related to post-operative follow-up care of the client’s left ankle incision after the stitches were removed.  The client required two subsequent surgeries for irrigation and debridement of the incision due to infection. The MDH determined that the facility is responsible for the neglect. [Case no. HL25301007]

This is not the first investigation of Valleyview of Owatonna LLC by the MDH. In January 2011, the MDH determined that clients were systematically given the wrong medication, as well as client’s insulin not being administered according to their respective care plans. [Case no. HL25301005]

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