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Chris Jensen Health and Rehabilitation CenterPhysical Abuse

Resident Abused at Chris Jensen Health and Rehab Center Nursing Home

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has completed its investigation of abuse concerns at the Chris Jensen Health and Rehab Center in Duluth, Minnesota.  A complaint was filed with the Department alleging that a nursing assistant/alleged perpetrator slapped the resident on her face, spit in her face, held on to her in an aggressive manner and told the resident to grow up and stop acting like a two year old during the resident’s bath. [Case no. H5366050]

The Department investigated the matter and found that one of the employees reported that during the shower process the resident spit in the alleged perpetrators (AP) face and the AP spit back in the resident’s face, slapped the resident on the mouth and told the resident “to grow up, stop acting like a two year old, and act your age.”  Another employee who was also present during the shower verified that the AP had reacted this way and felt that the AP was using excessive force to hold the resident’s arms. During the shower the AP had accidently grabbed one of the employee’s arm and squeezed it. A bruise was later found on the employee’s arm where the AP had grabbed it. The AP was interviewed by phone and stated that she did not hit or spit on the resident. The other employees present disputed that the AP held a washcloth to the resident’s mouth and said the AP had hit the resident with the back side of her fingers.  The MDH determined that the caregiver is responsible for abuse of the facility’s resident.

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