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Mark Kosieradzki Speaks at National Webinar for the Aletheia Institute

Attorney Mark Kosieradzki Spoke at a National Webinar for the Aletheia Institute today, which was a Webinar presented to expert doctor’s teaching them how to improve their testimony. The Webinar started off with the basic rules and processes of testifying which then led to Kosieradzki’s part of the presentation where he discussed the six “Heuristics” tools of how information is processed to the jury or “the listeners,” as Kosieradzki described.

znA_YlTAspEEQREpZBEiok7fFs4w_yVo2xIaoHiF2LIHe explained that communication is what is heard, not what is said; we all have different interpretations. So, in order to have the listeners process the information in an effective way, the experts should use the six “Heuristics” principles described by Kosieradzki: Hindsight, Issue Framing, Information Availability, Prototype, Monocausality, and Norm Mutation.

Kosieradzki gave the audience a thought provoking and effective presentation by relating the topics to real life experiences. For example, he explained that sometimes you may be talking to a significant other and then wonder why they all of a sudden got so upset? Communication is what is heard, not what is said; Which is why an expert’s testimony has to be clear. Kosieradzki explains that you must teach by comparison. For example, what is normal? If you have an X-Ray of a regular sized heart sitting next to an X-Ray of a heart that is tripled the size of a normal heart, the jurors (or listeners) can see the difference with their own eyes. The testimony must be clear.

Kosieradzki speaks across the country at national seminars throughout the year on various topics. His most recent speech was in June of 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky, at the Kentucky Justice Association, teaching lawyers deposition skills.



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