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Neglectful Care at the Cerenity Care Center on Humboldt Injures Nursing Home Resident

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) recently substantiated a finding of resident neglect at the Cerenity Care Center on Humboldt nursing home in St. Paul, Minnesota.  [Report no. H5255035]

The MDH determined that an employee of the facility violated the resident’s care plan while transferring the resident. As a result, the resident sustained a right leg fracture.

The resident’s care plan required that the resident should always be transferred using three staff members and a mechanical lift. One staff member was to run the lift, the second staff member was to guide the resident’s upper body, and the third was to guide the resident’s legs into the lift.  This procedure was required to protect the resident from avoidable harm.

The resident’s medical records indicated that a bruise of unknown origin was found on the resident’s right leg. The nurse practitioner was notified and x-rays were obtained, which revealed that the resident had a right tibia and fibula fracture.

The MDH found the nursing home’s staff had chosen to use only two members to transfer the resident, instead of the required three. Interviews with the offending employees verified that the staff members deviated from the resident’s plan of care by only using two staff members.

One of the offending employees stated at the time of the incident while both employees were transferring the resident, the resident cried out in pain. After the resident was transferred, neither employee checked for bruising or signs of injury.

Because of the deviation of care, the facility was found to have been responsible for the resident’s leg fracture.

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The Cerenity Care Center on Humboldt nursing home is part of the Benedictine Health System.

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