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Neglect at the Assumption Home Nursing Home Causes Resident’s Death

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) recently substantiated the occurrence of neglect at the Assumption Home nursing home in Cold Spring, Minnesota. [Report no. H5446012]

The MDH determined that neglect occurred when a resident of the facility died of positional asphyxiation due to her neck getting caught in the grab bar of her bed.

The resident had a diagnosis of dementia, impaired mobility, weakness, and chronic pain. The resident required the assistance of two staff members for transfers and bed mobility.

The resident’s care plan indicated that the resident was at a high risk for falls. The resident had a history of falling out of bed.  As a result, her care plan assessment called for a grab bar to be placed on the left side of her bed in order to assist her with bed transfers.

Two months before the resident’s death, she had fallen from her bed. Her body was caught between the grab bar and the floor. Following this event, according to the MDH’s investigation, the facility failed to assess if the grab bar was a hazard for the resident, and it remained a part of her care plan.

At the time of the resident’s death, the resident was found on the floor by staff. Her head was stuck in between the grab bar and the mattress. The resident was pronounced dead upon the staffs’ immediate assessment.

Neglect was substantiated due to the fact that the facility failed to adequately reassess the resident’s care plan and remove the grab bar, which proved to be a fatal hazard for the resident.

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