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Kaiser Foundation Overview of Nursing Facilities: Minnesota Nursing Homes Compared to National Average (Part 6 of 6)

For consumers to get an idea of the state of nursing homes in Minnesota, it is helpful to look at the national average for a number of select statistics for comparative purposes.

For instance, in 2011, Minnesota had 381 nursing home facilities open and operating. For the same year, the national average was 309.3 nursing homes.

Minnesota has an average number of 81.9 beds per facility, compared to the national average of 108.5 beds.

The U.S. average percent of nursing home residents paying out of pocket is 22%. In Minnesota, this figure is 34.3% which indicates that indicates that when compared nationally, Minnesota residents rely less on government-financed healthcare for nursing facilities, and more on private individuals.

The Minnesota Department of Health is the primary agency in charge of overseeing long-term healthcare in Minnesota.

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