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New Minnesota Law to Curb Financial Exploitation of Elderly

A new Minnesota state law will allow the family of elderly victims who have already passed away to seek restitution for financial exploitation. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune <>>, the family of a recently deceased former Marine, whom was the victim of a $65,000 scam, will be among the first to test this new law.

One of the individuals convicted in this fraudulent scam, Steven Miller, was required to pay $12,000 in restitution to the victim’s family.

However, according to the sponsor of this newly passed legislation, Debra Hilstrom, at the time of the plea-deal prosecutors struck with the defendants, the victim’s family did not have the legal right to request the restitution. Fortunately, the restitution was a condition of the plea-deal.

Hilstrom’s new law will hopefully change this.

The other individual who served as an accomplice to Miller, Marina Lahara, is due to appear in court on July 3, at which point, the victim’s family plans to ask her to pay appropriate restitution.

This new law should serve to remind any would-be scammers that they should expect to pay dearly for taking advantage of Minnesota’s elderly.

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