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Medication Errors

Mismanaged Medications in Nursing Homes: An Overview (Part 1 of 6)

Nursing home residents’ safety requires that the facility staff maintain diligent oversight of its resident’s medication regime. The average resident’s medication regime includes seven to eight different medications administered monthly. Federal regulations mandate that nursing home facilities “must ensure that residents are free from any significant medication errors.”

Unfortunately, medication errors are all too common among nursing home facilities. However, the good news is that experienced plaintiff lawyers know the rules that govern medication safety.

This blog will explain the tools and skills used by skilled lawyers to determine if and when mismanaged medication resulted in a violation of a resident’s standard of care. Nursing home residents have rights, and any violation of such rights deserves a diligent and committed investigation to remedy any instance of nursing home malpractice.

Nursing homes are required by federal laws to have in place a system that is free from significant medication errors. Any inquiry into a potential case of mismanaged medication should focus on the facility’s policies, procedures, and training in several areas:

  • a resident’s clinical records
  • the facility’s procedures for acquiring, receiving, and dispensing medications
  • a resident’s physician’s orders regarding medications
  • medication care planning
  • the administration of medications
  • the facility’s assessment and monitoring of a resident’s drug regimen
  • how a facility reports medication irregularities to the attending physician
  • any medication errors
  • pharmacy services
  • laboratory services

These specific methods of inquiry will be explained in detail in the following reports of this blog series.

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