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Minnesota Coalition Advocates for the Protection of the Elderly

As the Star Tribune reports, <<>> a coalition of law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and other advocates of the elderly have launched a public-awareness campaign that hopes to raise awareness and decrease instances of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of Minnesota’s elderly population.

The campaign is called MN S.A.F.E Elders—Stop Abuse and Financial Exploitation of Elders in Minnesota. It has been funded through around $60,000 of donations from a number of senior advocacy groups, healthcare providers, county attorney’s offices, and even financial institutions.

Mistreatment of the elderly includes anything from physical violence to careless neglect to financial exploitation. Such mistreatment’s are often difficult to identify and recognize, especially given that these sorts of instances occur between family members.

It is estimated that each year, 2.1 million elderly Americans are the victims of abuse, neglect, or exploitation, according to the Administration on Aging. The annual financial loss to elderly victims of financial exploitation is estimated at $2.9 billion alone.

As the elderly population is expected to grow—from 13% in 2010 to 20% of the total population in 2050—it is important to spread awareness.

MN S.A.F.E Elders produced a documentary that details stories of elderly. The video is on the campaigns website <>. It will also be aired on television.

A mobile app has been developed to aid law enforcement officers at the scenes of any suspected instances of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

 On Friday, June 14, there will be free public event with speakers to provide more information and awareness as to how to address elderly abuse. The registration for this event begins at 7:30am at 875 Summit Ave. in St. Paul, MN.

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