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Cerenity Care Center Marian

Cerenity Care Center Marian

Following a state investigation, this 90-bed nursing home was determined to have been responsible for neglect when a resident was not adequately supervised and eloped from the facility.  According to a report by the Minnesota Department of Health, substantiated in April 2013, the staff at the Cerenity Care Center Marian nursing home failed to monitor the resident and failed to complete the observational rounds during the night shift. The resident, who has severe short term memory impairment due to a traumatic brain injury, is able to walk and ambulate freely but is unable to identify safety risks. [Report no. H5365018]

According to the MDH investigation of the Cerenity Care Center Marian nursing home:

  • there were previous documented instances where the resident would frequently walk the halls of the facility and required redirection back to his room;
  • the resident had a history of elopement and was provided a wander guard bracelet to alert staff of any subsequent attempts to leave the facility;
  • on the night of the second elopement from the facility, the Cerenity Care Center Marian staff did not check on the resident during the night shift rounds;
  • the resident removed the wander guard bracelet and was observed by the facility video surveillance system to have left the facility at 1:12 am;
  • the Cerenity Care Center Marian staff did not discover that the resident was missing until 4:30 am;
  • police officers found the resident at the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport (11 miles away);
  • the resident was missing from the Cerenity Care Center Marian facility for 13 hours.

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