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Gables of Boutwells LandingNeglect

Neglect of Nursing Home Resident at Gables of Boutwells Landing

The Minnesota Department of Health has substantiated a report of neglect of healthcare on the part of Gables of Boutwells Landing.

In April 2013, a resident with a history of lung disease and who is oxygen dependent complained of shortness of breath. Upon assessment, the resident’s oxygen level was determined to be far below where it should have been. Throughout the day, the facility periodically attempted to return the resident’s oxygen levels to the proper level. However, the resident’s oxygen levels continued to drop. Eventually, the resident’s family member found the oxygen tank empty. The resident’s tank was replaced, and within a few minutes, the resident’s oxygen saturations increased to the appropriate level.

Because the facility did not have a system in place to ensure that staff monitored the oxygen levels of residents’ oxygen tanks, the facility was found to be negligently responsible for the resident’s distress. [Report no. H5615006]

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