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Financial ExploitationPhysical AbuseWalker Methodist Health Center

Details about the Walker Methodist Health Center Nursing Home in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Health has substantiated 2 reports of nursing home abuse and exploitation on the part of the facility.

  • In June 2010, MDH substantiated a report of abuse wherein an employee of the facility was found to have inflicted noticeable wounds on a resident. While the alleged perpetrator was administering care to the resident, other employees of the facility reported yelling coming from the resident’s room. The resident was found to have a number skin tears on her arm. The resident was extremely agitated and would not allow anyone to administer care to her. It was determined that the alleged perpetrator was abusive to the resident.
  • In April 2013, MDH substantiated a report of an employee of the facility financially exploiting a resident. It was determined that the employee used a resident’s debit card without the resident’s knowledge. [Report no. H5055159]

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