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False Records

The Science of False Medical Charting (Part 4)—What Forensic Document Analysis is and How Its Used

By April 25, 2013 No Comments

Forensic document analysis is a scientific discipline that can definitively prove the sequence of entries of information onto a document.

Forensic document analysis can scientifically determine wrongdoing on the part of medical care providers.

According to the American Society for Testing and Materials, forensic document examiners make scientific examinations, comparisons, and analyses of documents in order to:

  1. Establish genuineness or non genuineness, or to expose forgery, or to reveal alterations, additions, or deletions;
  2. Identify or eliminate persons as the source of handwriting; and
  3. Identify or eliminate the source of typewriting or other impression, marks, or relative evidence.

There are three different methods available to forensic document analysts:

  • Indentation examination. When a document is written on, it will leave imprints on the paper below it. An electrostatic detection device (EDD) can identify the indentations in the underlying paper. Indentation examination can be used to determine if entries on the same sheet of paper were made at different times.
  • Forensic writing ink comparison. Forensic examiners can compare ink markings to reach conclusions about the origins of the ink samples. Technical optical examinations can reveal different characteristics from inks of different sources.
  • Obliteration removal. Records may be obscured by “scribbling over” the original writing. A forensic document examiner can uncover the underlying written record by digitally copying the record. Using advanced digital photograph software, the obstruction—or “scribbles”—can be digitally removed one line at a time until the underlying writing can be read.

Many murders and high-profile criminal cases are solved using forensic technology like bullet reconstruction and DNA testing. Forensic document analysis provides the Kosieradzki-Smith Law Firm the same caliber of tools to determine the truth of healthcare providers suspected of mistreating or neglecting the facilities patients.

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