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Owatonna Care Center

Details about the Owatonna Care Center Nursing Home in Minnesota

Owatonna Care Center

This 55-bed nursing home has an Overall rating of “much below average,” according to Medicare’s most recent rating.  Medicare also rated Owatonna Care Center as “much below average” for its Health Inspection rating. Compared to the average number of deficiencies for Minnesota nursing homes (7.2), the government cited Owatonna Care Center with 14 deficiencies in its December 2011 inspection and 20 deficiencies in its 2010 inspection. These deficiencies include Owatonna Care Center’s:

  • Failure to hire only people with no legal history of abusing, neglecting or mistreating residents;
  • Failure to report and investigate any acts of reports of abuse, neglect or mistreatment of residents;
  • Failure to develop policies that prevent mistreatment, neglect, or abuse of residents or theft of resident property;
  • Failure to provide medically-related social services to help each resident achieve the highest possible quality of life;
  • Failure to provide care by qualified persons according to each resident’s written plan of care;
  • Failure to provide necessary care and services to maintain the highest well being of each resident;
  • Failure to develop a complete care plan that meets all of a resident’s needs, with timetables and actions that can be measured; and
  • Failure to provide care for residents in a way that keeps or builds each resident’s dignity and respect of individuality.

In addition, Medicare has identified a number of complaints and incidents associated with Owatonna Care Center in its 2011 report, including the following complaints and incidents:

  • Failure to immediately tell the resident, the resident’s doctor and a family member of the resident of situations regarding injury, decline, room, etc. that have affected the resident;
  • Failure to provide a safe, clean, comfortable and homelike environment;
  • Failure to give residents proper treatment to prevent new bed (pressure) sores or heal existing bed sores; and
  • Failure to ensure that residents are safe from serious medication errors.

The Minnesota Department of Health has substantiated four significant complaints regarding Owatonna Care Center since 2010.  Three of the complaints were attributed to neglect of healthcare; one of the complaints was attributed to physical and emotional abuse by staff. The following substantiated complaints are as follows:

  • The Minnesota Department of Health substantiated a complaint made by three residents regarding an allegation of verbal abuse by an employee of the Owatonna Care Center. In addition, one of the residents reported being physically abused by the alleged perpetrator. It was found that the employee was disrespectful and verbally abusive to all three residents, in addition to forcefully grabbing and twisting the wrist of one of the residents. [Report no. H5383041]
  • In June 2011, the Minnesota Department of Health investigated and substantiated an allegation of resident neglect wherein the facility failed to adequately respond to a change in condition of one of its residents. The resident had been admitted to the facility with a history of stroke, in addition to having half of his body paralyzed, active diabetes, kidney failure, and urinary dysfunction. The resident had short- and long-term memory loss with impaired decision making. On June 24, 2011, a progress note indicated that the resident had a high temperature, was very flushed, and was having catheter dysfunction. Subsequently, no further progress notes were present for the five following shifts. Two days later, the resident was admitted to the hospital. He was unresponsive, had low blood pressure, sepsis, a bed sore (pressure sore), along with numerous other skin concerns. [Report no. H5383047]
  • In July 2011, the Minnesota Department of Health investigated and substantiated an allegation of resident neglect wherein Owatonna Care Center’s failure to adequately monitor one of its residents resulted in the resident falling and becoming injured. Upon review, the resident’s medical records indicated that she had impaired cognition and judgment. She was unaware of her safety needs, and had a history of falls, due to her attempt to self-transfer from one location to another. She also had a history of wandering. Numerous interventions had been designated to protect her safety. However, the resident was found outside of the nursing home lying on the ground, 15 feet away from the street. When she was spotted by a visitor and transferred to the hospital, it was discovered that she had sustained a fractured nose and contusions of the face. An investigation revealed that her wanderguard was not working. The Owatonna Care Center’s system for ensuring that wanderguards were in working order was not being followed by the licensed staff.  [Report no. H5383049]
  • In September 2011, the MDH investigated and substantiated an allegation of neglect wherein a Trained Medication Assistant administered ten times the dosage of a topical anti-anxiety medication. The Resident passed away the following day. The investigation confirmed that the anti-anxiety medication had not been administered in the ten days prior to the overdose. Upon review, the resident’s Medical Administration Record indicated the facility’s failure to comply with the resident’s physician’s medication order. The Medical Administration Record listed the wrong dose and indicated that the medication was as needed when it was actually a scheduled medication. [Report no. H5383050]

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