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Resident’s Fractured Nose a Result of Nursing Home Neglect

By February 13, 2013 No Comments

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has completed its investigation of neglect concerns at the Golden LivingCenter Lynnhurst nursing home in St Paul, Minnesota. A complaint was filed with the MDH alleging that a resident fell from his bed resulting in a facture to his nose.

The MDH investigated the matter and found that staff failed to ensure he had a floor mat in place in accordance with his nursing assistant worksheet and plan of care.  The resident was a high risk of falls due to his medical diagnoses, history of falls, poor judgment, and attempts to unsafely self transfer. His nursing assistant worksheet and care plan identified numerous on-going interventions in place to reduce his risk of falls, including a high and low bed, sensor alarms, contour mattress, room close to the nursing station, and a floor mat while in bed. On the day of the accident, staff heard a loud noise in the resident’s room. Nursing home staff found him on the floor with an abrasion to the bridge of his nose. The resident was diagnosed with a nasal fracture. At the time of the fall, the facility did not have the required protective floor mat in place. The MDH determined that Golden LivingCenter Lynnhurst nursing home was responsible for neglect of the resident. [Case no. H5394047]

This is not the first investigation of Golden Livingcenter Lynnhurst by the MDH. In November 2011, the MDH found that a resident’s rights were violated when he was not given written information about the bed hold policy and was not given a discharge notice in a timely manner. [Case no. H5394052]

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