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Jury Orders Nursing Home to pay $1.8M Due to Neglect

By December 4, 2012 No Comments

Jurors ordered Lake Worth Manor to pay nearly $1.8 million in damages to Mr. Dahmer’s estate. The nursing home’s corporate owner is Lake Worth Enterprises, LLC.  The local newspaper, SunSentinal, reports that the resident was admitted to the nursing home with a diagnosis of end-stage senile dementia. Within 63 days, he had lost 32 pounds and the ability to walk or talk and developed painful decubitis ulcers on his heels and tailbone that became infected and caused his death.  The family also testified that they were never told about his bedsores, a fall from a wheelchair, the loss of his dentures and other incidents. “They kept giving me the runaround,” the resident’s wife said. “Everything we complained about fell on deaf ears.”  The resident’s son said he didn’t find out about the extent of his father’s injuries until he was transferred to another facility.

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