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Minnesota Nursing Home Mismanages Resident’s INR monitoring

By August 9, 2012 No Comments

The Minnesota Department of Health has determined that the Sauer Memorial Home in Winona is responsible for neglect of a resident.  A complaint was filed with the Department alleging that a resident’s INR (International Normalized Ratio, a lab test that measures blood coagulation) was not checked as ordered by the physician. The resident was noted to have low blood pressure, irregular pulse, and a bruise on her arm which seemed to be increasing in size. The resident was admitted to the hospital with a critical value INR that was greater than 10.0 (normal 1.0 to 3.0). The Department investigated the matter and found that the facility failed to have a system in place that ensured that physician’s orders were accurately transcribed and implemented. Three facility staff overlooked the physician’s order for a resident’s INR.  [Report H5102012, dated May 17, 2012]

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