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More heartbreak from Townsend nursing home closing

By July 12, 2012 No Comments

We’ve posted a couple articles on a Townsend, Montana nursing home closing, but there is another piece today from Helena IR that outlines just how deep poor nursing home quality can go.

The Montana Department of Health recently forced Broadwater County Health Center to close due to numerous violations and its inability to fix the problems at hand.

The “serious deficiencies” at Broadwater mean 30 residents must find new homes and most of the workers at the facility are out of jobs.

Some of these residents were forced to move back in with their families, or to other homes much farther from home. The community hospital connected with the facility might also have to be shut down, as the town will find it tough to financially support an independent hospital.

The “deficiencies” listed in the state report include “several instances of failure to deal properly with residents’ high blood pressure, improper administration and documentation of medications, improper feeding techniques and other issues.”

It’s sad when a nursing facility neglects its patients. In this case, the entire community will pay for Broadwater’s poor choices.

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