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Drug ring busted at Oklahoma nursing home

By July 6, 2012 No Comments

Nursing home director Jackie Allen Alexander was recently charged with multiple counts of obtaining controlled substances by fraud or forgery, conspiracy to obtain and conspiracy to distribute, according to a story by NewsOK.

Alexander surrendered to authorities on Thursday along with assistant director of nursing Melanie A. Kirby. Alexander, 63, and Kirby, 39, were employed by Callaway Nursing Home in Sulphur, Oklahoma.

A state audit found that more than 9,000 dosage units of controlled substances had been diverted by employees, with more than 8,400 of them involving hydrocodone.

Four other employees of the home were also charged with drug-related and conspiracy charges. Thankfully, a spokesman maintained “There is no evidence that any resident was deprived of their legitimate medications” in the chaos.

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