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The real problem with nursing homes

By June 6, 2012 No Comments

After reading a recent article from The Atlantic entitled, “How to fix nursing homes,” John O’Connor, the editorial director at McKnight’s, decided to throw his two cents in.

“It’s a well-written and thoughtful piece,” he said, “My only gripe is that the headline is a bit out of reach.”

O’Connor thinks the article is simply an advocacy piece against institutional care, and he offers up a real for the poor quality of many nursing homes.

“The seller and the buyer are focused almost entirely on the lowest possible cost,” he said, “Even today, when more generous Medicare funding abounds, the old keep-costs-down-or-else mindset persists.”

O’Connor acknowledges a good solution for many: assisted living communities. However, he understands that this is simply not an option for a lot of people. He thinks that the government needs to pay nursing home operators more, leading to better funding for resident care.

Articles like O’Connor’s remind us that nursing home care is a big problem in the United States. Too many accidents occur on a daily basis.

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