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Teamwork, communication keys to a successful nursing home

By June 7, 2012 No Comments

A new study from Health Services Research indicates that nursing home workers function better when they perceive “that they are part of a cohesive unit.”

If workers are happy with their roles, co-workers and bosses, the quality of care in nursing homes increases. The survey used data on over 45,000 residents in 162 American nursing homes.

They also surveyed 7,418 nursing home staff members who provide direct patient care at their given facility. Staff “cohesion” was defined by “the extent to which staff share common goals, values, responsibility for care delivery, and group identity.”

The study found a positive correlation between upset staff members and bedsores, whereas staff members who bought into the goal of their facility were correlated with less bedsores.

“Nursing home managers have the tools to encourage good patient care,” said Helena Temkin-Carter, the lead author of the study, “but they have to work at it and encourage practices that promote better cohesion, communication, and teamwork in their facilities.

“If they do this, the quality of care will improve.”

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